Hummingbird Rhapsody in Blue

The other evening, while sitting outside with my mom, a few of her hummingbirds decided to get brave.  They are typically brave when its only her because, if you know my mom, she is Snow White’s incarnate.  Animals regularly flock to her.  But not when I’m there, especially with the big noisy thing that is my camera.  The bird’s would come up to the feeder, but as soon as I would take a shot, they were off.  They did not like the click of my shutter.  They would flit around, chasing each other, but not coming close enough for another shot.  When they would come close, it was only for a second, as if they were daring each other.  Eventually, bravery, and most likely hunger, brought them in closer.  I was finally able to get some very interesting silhouette shots, which I can say, I am very pleased with.  I hope you enjoy!