Baby Bump

Yesterday I had a wonderful time with my beautiful Sister-in-Law, taking some photos of her before she has her baby.  I just love the gorgeous glow she has about her and she did such a wonderful job modeling!  It was a real treat to have this opportunity, as she has not lived close during her other pregnancies.  We started early morning, around 8 am or so, after a slow walk around the property finding the perfect spots.  A newly blooming tree in the front yard was our first locale, a strip of Leland Cypresses our 2nd, a field of wheat grass 3rd, the yard itself with some clover in bloom, and finally a few shots in the nursery.  We had such a fun time with all of the shots, incorporating her two boys into some of the photos (although not all participants were excited about this!) and getting some of the most beautiful pre-baby portraits for her.   All in all, a success!   Here’s a sneak peak:

BabyBumpBabyBump-3BabyBump-5 BabyBump-4