Working on some skills

Recently, I’ve been attending my drawing class for my design degree. Can I just say, wow! I am SO enjoying this! We started the course by focusing on contour drawing, really paying attention to the basic outline of our subjects. We’ve slowly moved on to practicing gesture drawing and will eventually move on to shading and color (or so I am told). What I am really loving is the basic study of drawing technique, which, during my prior schooling, I had never done so with this much detail. It’s good to refresh and restart from the beginning with the basics, ignoring what you think you know and listening to the teacher. It’s a wonderful experience.

A basic contour of a creamer and pine cones

Playing with contour and shading

Bath time for kitty – a gesture study

I plan on posting some quick pics as I go along and will most likely scan the more finished works. I’m really enjoying doing this and I hope you enjoy seeing it.

Happy Thursday!