Illustrated Self Portraits

So, I have a project coming up for my design classes which is to focus on a self portrait.  I am not a stranger to the self portrait thanks to my drawing class last semester.  We completed about 5 to 7 self portraits over the course of the semester, which I do plan on sharing. Here’s the catch to all of these projects — NO PHOTOGRAPHY!  Cue inner dialogue — “What?!?! How can I do this?  Photography is what I do and I can’t use pictures!?!”  Haha.  Needless to say, I had to get over that quick.

Pause. Let me just take this moment and put a challenge out there – take a few minutes and go sit in front of a mirror.  Take your pen (no pencil, no erasing!!) and paper.  Look at your face and draw what you see.  Try to focus on the lines, edges, shadows, proportions, etc, and put them on the paper.  Not so easy, right?

Now, there was one project where I was allowed to use a photo as a reference, but no tracing, projecting the image, or anything of the like. This upcoming project is similar, only our tools and media utilized must be “outside the box”.  No basic classical paintings or realistic-looking drawings.  I have chosen to create my self portrait in a unique way and am inviting you all to follow.  Over the next week and half or so, I will post my progress, sharing my sketches and the work itself in progress.  Until then, here are a couple of my black and white sketches from last semester, focusing on highlight and shadow. Enjoy!