Self Portait Project update

Well, here we are…an update! What I have decided to create for my self portrait is actually a hand drawn embroidery design. I started by taking a few selfies on my computer and breaking it down to a simple black and white image so I could better easily descern the highlight and shadows along with the mid-tones. From that image, I worked a simplified drawing, breaking out the different sections. 

From there, I wanted to transfer my design over to a piece of burlap. To do this, I used quilter’s transfer paper. These papers come in different colors and, after a couple of tests, I discovered the that the blue showed up the best. 

I then traced the blue lines with graphite pencil to have them more visible for embroidery. 

This project has us using a specific color scheme of our choosing, whether it be analogous, triadic or the like. No random colors, all willy-nilly, but chosen specifically for design. I have chosen an accented analogic scheme. The burlap is my yellow/brown tone and my thread will be the purples and blues.


 Here’s the beginning of the stitching. Cross your fingers this turns out as cool as I imagine it!