Mindfulness and a Red Leaf

I have been preparing for a class I will be teaching starting this weekend, focusing on Taoism and how it relates to Photography.  Being mindful of the moment, of your surroundings, with an open receptivity to capture photographs as they present themselves. Of course, there is more to it, as stating an entire belief system in one sentence is not really possible, however, we will go with it for now.  🙂

I had the perfect opportunity to apply this practice.  While camping this past weekend with my husband and his family, I was taking notice of all the images around me.  Amidst the gray rocks and dirt, a red leaf was the star of the show.  It was almost shouting in its quiet way, “Here I am, use that camera!”.  If I had not been mindful of my surroundings it would’ve been VERY easily overlooked.   Just try it.  Go stand in one spot and see what you see and use your camera to capture those photographs that are waiting for you.