Portraits and Lens Flare

Today I am working on quite a few things.  I’m designing a website for a final in one of my classes, studying for another final that I will take tonight, along with editing some GORGEOUS bridal portraits that were taken this past weekend.  Of course, I cannot share those with you all just yet, however, I am able to share a portion of one of the images:


Can I just say how WONDERFUL it is to take portraits at the Golden Hour? In addition, I am so in love with lens flare, it borders on insane while shooting. I don’t include it in every shot, however, when I do, the outcome is always amazing to me. The unexpectedness of where exactly the flare will fall is so exciting! I know, I know…I bet you were taught to avoid lens flare.  Heck, that’s what the lens hood is for! I’ll admit, you have to be very careful while including any flare, as it can take over totally and completely ruin your images.  Doing it right is key.  I’ve learned that keeping the light source (the sun) just slightly out of frame and keeping your subject in shadow are major factors.  I usually wait for the time of day when the sun is down far enough behind the trees so that they create a filter along with casting the shadows. Again, be careful here! You may end up needing a tripod, as the sun fades quicker than you realize.  This, along with any photography technique, requires practice to attain the look you want to achieve.

I hope you’ve found this helpful.  If not, I hope you like the photo!  🙂  Feel free to comment your thoughts and have fun shooting!

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